All about the Predom Caravan

The Predom / Niewiadow caravan

The ideal compact caravan made of polyester. Perfect Polish manufacture.

The Predom Caravan is an iconic type of caravan that has been used since the 1970s and was originally built for behind the Fiat 126. 

Super suitable for lovers of vintage caravans, couples and for people whose lives don't have to be so big.

The Predom / Niewiadow is light, rugged and versatile, making it the perfect caravan for exploring rugged mountainous terrain, cities, coastal areas just about anything!

Different Predoms

The Predom (Niewiadow) has two variants. The smaller caravan with a lifting roof and the larger caravan without a lifting roof.

Small light caravan for everyone!

Predom Models
Discover the Predom Caravan - a compact, lightweight caravan about 3.5 meters long that guarantees adventure and freedom. With its sturdy galvanized frame and rugged polyester exterior, the Predom combines quality with style. You have a choice of models to choose from, ranging from the classic 'Predom with lifting roof' to the 'Big Predom', the n126 n/nt/ntl. Check them all out on our Predom models page.

Predom Layouts
Step into a world of comfort and convenience with the interior of the Predom Caravan. A compact kitchen equipped with two cooking stoves and a refrigerator, a small dining area, and sometimes even a small bathroom with a sink and toilet. This caravan is a model of smart use of space. View all layouts.

The Predom Caravan is your ideal travel companion no matter the campsite or company. It is light enough to move easily and, despite its compact size, offers sleeping space for the whole family and room for your luggage.

Reviews on the Predom
For fans of vintage caravans or cult caravans, the Predom Caravan is a gem. The retro charm of this caravan shows up beautifully in both modern and traditional campsites, and its white exterior provides a perfect canvas for those who want to give their caravan a personal touch. Delve into the Predom's vintage appeal in our Predom Reviews section.

Whether you take adventure tours through rugged mountain areas, or gentle drives to scenic coastal areas, the Predom Caravan suits your style. It is lightweight, rugged and versatile, so it is suitable even for those with electric cars who cannot tow a heavier caravan.

Niewiadow / Predom Parts
Durability and reliability are the core values of the Predom Caravan. A caravan that lasts for decades and has been developed over the years to provide optimal ease of use. You can choose from models of different ages, including the colorful and nostalgic Oldtimer models, found on our Predom parts page.

From vintage fans to camping enthusiasts looking for a rugged, versatile and comfortable vehicle - the Predom, or Niewiadow, is for everyone.

Naming in other countries
Have you ever wondered how our beloved Predom caravans are known in other parts of the world? From "Freedom" in the UK to "Bambina" in Spain and "TCube" in Korea - the international names for our caravans are as diverse as the travelers who drive them. Discover the different names and join us in celebrating the global community of Predom enthusiasts. Read more in our guide to international names.

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