All about the Predom Caravan

Predom models

Big Holiday Fun in a small package!

Not only the extremely low pricing is decisive. The "no nonsense" concept appeals to many people who want carefree recreation, going wherever they want.

People for whom vacation is an adventure and a challenge. But also people who often just want to go out for the day. But without compromising on durability, safety and user-friendliness. Driving a Predom is surprisingly easy.

The Predom is made of high-quality lightweight fiberglass-reinforced polyester, making it virtually maintenance-free. The rubber-sprung axle gives the caravan rock-solid roadholding.

When you are not using the caravan there is always a place where the Predom can fit because of its compact size.

Predom D / E / ET models

The D/E/ET models are equipped with a large polyester lifting roof and with their weight under 500 kg, can be towed by the smallest car. The ET is available with toilet at extra cost.

The spacious drawbar compartment has room for 2 gas bottles and a jerry can.

Predom N / NT / NTL models

The N/NT/NTL models without a lifting roof are also

light in weight. The NT has a toilet room that can be fitted with a cassette toilet with sink. The NTL even has a long bed plus toilet room with the same conveniences as the NT. This caravan has the same conveniences as large expensive caravans.